About Francisca Laureijs

I always wanted to be a photographer
As a child I started out with the Agfa Clack that I got from my mother.Made photo’s at schooltrips etc. nothing chocking but lots of fun!

2014-02-24 20.45.50Nowadays I have a Nikon D90 that I carry around a lot.
I never leave home without a camera of some sort, if it’s not the Nikon I have my HTC One to take snapshots.

Most of my work is nature related but you will also find other subjects here once in a while.
I love gardening, cooking and photography.
I like to watch series like Doctor Who and Sherlock but I also like Star Trek (yes I’m a Trekkie).
With 4 children and a busy household I have little spare time.
The time I have I spend in my garden growing our own vegetables and taking pictures of the tings I see around me.

My dream is to one day publish my own photobook…..

I hope you enjoy my photo’s!



7 thoughts on “About Francisca Laureijs”

    1. Hoi Taco! Wat leuk dat je mn blog gevonden hebt! Ik wil ze nog steeds graag hebben! We moeten maar eens wat afspreken. Ben benieuwd waar je nu mee bezig bent.

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